Picture this: the love of your life is down on one knee asking you to be his wife. It’s all perfect. But when you try on the ring, it doesn’t fit!

Before the happy tears turn to sad tears, M.R.T. Jewelers wants to let you know that we handle ring resizing! Whether your ring is too big or too small, we can size the ring to your perfect fit.

But how is a ring supposed to fit? You should be able to place it on your finger easily and remove it with slight resistance.

What do I do when I need ring resizing?

Your first action should be trying to find an experienced jeweler. When a ring needs to be larger, the band will be cut and additional metal that matches the rest of the band will be added. Conversely, when making a ring smaller, the jeweler will cut the band and solder it shut. The type of metal used on the band impacts how natural the reattachment will appear.

Is there any type of metal that can’t be resized?

Yes. If your ring is titanium, tungsten carbide, or stainless steel, the metals do not allow for a proper reattachment.

How much will it cost to resize my ring?

There are a few factors that determine the cost of resizing a ring.

  • Larger vs. smaller

  • Thickness of the band

  • Stones

  • Type of Metal

At M.R.T. Jewelers, we evaluate each ring to determine the cost of resizing. If you’re interested in making your ring smaller, the price ranges from $25-$90 depending on the factors listed above. When making your ring larger, the cost ranges from $35-$140.

Our experienced jewelers work with you to ensure that your dream ring is the perfect fit. Call us at (401) 435-3500 to learn more about ring resizing and our Full Circle Jewelry Solutions.