Your watch has an important role in your life. It represents class, style, and serves as the most sophisticated way to manage your time.

When you find an issue with your watch, it can be tempting to troubleshoot on your own, but M.R.T. Jewelers strongly advises you to visit their trained and experienced professionals for any watch repairs. Watches are intricate and made up of many tiny moving parts that you could unknowingly damage when trying to fix your watch on your own.

What are the most common reasons for watch repair?


The most common reason why people visit a professional for watch repair is issues with the battery. Just like most working technology, a battery has a lifespan that can be shortened based on how well you take care of it. For example, various functions of your watch, use of the timer, and extreme temperatures can decrease your battery’s lifespan.  Although a seemingly simple fix, we strongly advise bringing your watch to a trained professional to ensure proper care.

Water Damage

Even a drop of water can cause damage to the internal pieces of your watch. If there are any weakness in the seals of the watch, moisture can seep in and cause internal rusting. When the gears become rusty, they will need to be replaced rather than repaired and will cause issues in the quality of the watch.

Physical Damage

Although many day-to-day activities may seem like a nonissue, consider the impact they have on your watch. The delicacy of its internal structure can be damaged by wearing your watch while participating in vigorous activities or ones that require repetitive movements. We also recommend taking your watch off before you go to bed. Bringing your watch to the reputable technicians at M.R.T. Jewelers is the safest way to correct any issue related to physical damage.

At M.R.T. Jewelers, we want to be your resource for understanding how to best take care of all your jewelry, including watches. For any questions about watch repair or our other Full Circle Jewelry Solutions, call us at (401) 435-3500.