wedding band trends for men

Today, the options for men’s wedding bands are expansive. Men now have the options in designs ranging from the simple and traditional to customizing every aspect of their wedding band. It’s no longer only women who get to have all the fun shopping for wedding bands! Whether you’re purchasing a wedding band for the first time or looking to update the one you currently wear, these are the most recent trends for men!


Many designers are including textures to men’s wedding bands. It is a subtle way to individualize your ring. If you are purchasing a wedding band for the first time, a textured wedding band gives a modern twist on a traditional style. If you’re looking to update your wedding band for an anniversary, adding a texture allows you to keep the classic style, but with an edge.

Natural Materials

This trend is perfect for the man who loves the outdoors. Many natural elements, like wood, walnut, or camouflage are becoming more popular for men’s wedding bands. Every man has his own style and interests, so this trend is the perfect way to make his wedding band represent a part of his personality.


When we hear about inscriptions on a wedding band, many people immediately think about words or dates on the inside of the band. However, there are so many ways to personalize the outside of a man’s wedding band. Adding the grooves of your partner’s fingerprint is a beautiful way to signify your commitment. If there is an activity that brought you and your partner together, companies like Lashbrook offer more detailed personalization, like a series of musical notes, piano keys, forests, or even a camera lens!

Mixed Metals

Women aren’t the only ones who can enjoy a variety of colors and metals on their rings! One of the more recent trends among men’s wedding bands is adding different types of metals to create a solid pattern. This small detail can make a big difference in the appearance of the ring by giving it a more modern design.

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