Stacking Wedding Band Trend

Times are changing in the wedding jewelry industry! The traditional engagement ring and wedding band style has evolved into a three-piece set. This trend is gaining popularity due to its sentimental and aesthetic value.

What is the stacking trend?

Recently there has been an increase in popularity with stackable fashion jewelry. It allows women the opportunity to change their jewelry depending on their mood, outfit, or occasion. It is not surprising that this trend would extend into bridal jewelry.

Although this trend is new to the United States, many other countries have been stacking their wedding bands for years. Women in Scandinavia wear three rings as a representation of engagement, marriage, and motherhood.

What are my options for stacked wedding bands?

The second wedding band has grown in popularity because it adds symmetry to the appearance of the rings. One of the ways to use a second wedding band is placing one above and below the engagement ring. This style tends to appeal to those who prefer a cleaner, more balanced aesthetic. On the other hand, those who prefer a more unique style would gravitate towards wedding bands that curve around the diamond to give a modern twist on tradition.

Is there significance behind a second wedding band?

The rise of the nontraditional engagement ring has opened the door to many different and individualized styles for women to tell their love stories through their bridal jewelry. Symbolism is one of the biggest draws of this trend, as it can hold several different meanings.

Traditionally, the engagement ring is said to symbolize commitment, while the wedding band represents unity. When the wedding bands are on either side of the engagement ring, the ensemble symbolizes a commitment that is sealed in. The second wedding band is often given as a first anniversary gift, representing an eternal love. Like the Scandinavian tradition, a second wedding band would represent the new step into motherhood, often called a “push present.” No matter the occasion, this ring represents the important moments in your life story.

How do I choose a second wedding band?

The stacking trend is all about flexibility, versatility, and balance. If you are looking to add a second wedding band, assess what you currently own and purchase to compliment your rings. They don’t need to match your current jewelry, but they should create a balanced look. If you’re already committed to the idea of two wedding bands, consider buying them at the same time to save money.

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