valentines day proposals

If there has ever been a topic to divide women, it would be Valentine’s Day proposals. The introduction of social media has made this even more of a hot topic. Is Valentine’s Day the best day to give her the engagement ring she’s been waiting for?

Is it trendy?

Consider your bride-to-be. If she’s a traditional romantic, then this would be the perfect time to pop the question. She will appreciate the sentimentality of taking the day of celebrating love and making it into an unforgettable moment. Make sure you plan this in advance to book a photographer!

Is it tacky?

The rise of the internet and social media has really created the main issue to Valentine’s Day proposals. All couples will be posting about their plans, but they will (or at least, should) be focusing on their own relationship. Your news could likely be lost in a sea of Valentine’s Day love posts. Many women also find these proposals to be lazy and unoriginal because the day is already celebrating the love you both share for each other.

Does it matter?

No matter what day of the year you get engaged, you should be trying to make her feel special and loved. The moment when you propose should be a reflection on your relationship and should match her personality. If she wants to spend the rest of her life with you, an engagement ring and you asking her to marry you is all she needs!

Think, but don’t overthink!

You will be telling this story for the rest of your lives, so it’s important to be creative and thoughtful. When considering the perfect way to pop the question, reflect on the future you imagine with her. What kind of love story do you want to show to your children and grandchildren? If you overthink details or stress about making it too extravagant, she may notice your tension and become worried that there is an issue in the relationship.

At M.R.T. Jewelers, we want to be a part of your love story. We can provide you with the engagement ring of her dreams, but it’s up to you to do the rest!