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There is much to consider when purchasing your wedding bands. Depending on personal styles and preferences, the timeline can range from six weeks to several months.

In short, there is no set time frame to purchase your wedding band. It is solely dependent on what you are looking for in your rings. However, M.R.T. Jewelers recommends purchasing at least two months prior to the wedding day.

How do I start looking for wedding bands?

The first step in finding your dream wedding bands is to find the right store with experienced jewelry professionals. We recommend visiting independent stores with GIA trained staff and an on-site repair facility to service the jewelry they sell. When you shop at smaller, independent stores, you are supporting your local community!

What do I need to consider as I’m searching?

Like the process for selecting an engagement ring, take into consideration the lifestyles you both share as well as your personal styles. This is a great starting point, as it determines the size and shape of your wedding band. It’s also important to think about if you want your wedding bands to match, or if you want them to look slightly different to match your styles. Remember, there’s no right or wrong decision when it comes to your wedding bands. If you’re both happy with the appearance and functionality of the rings, then you’ve made a great decision.

Are custom rings an option?

Custom wedding bands are a beautiful way of personalizing your rings. We know that each couple’s love story is unique and special, so their wedding bands may require customization. Since they are meant to represent the unity of a marriage, we want to ensure that your wedding bands tell your story in a way that shows the uniqueness of your personalities and relationship.

If you and your significant other are interested in custom rings, we recommend starting the process as soon as possible, allowing for plenty of time for handcrafting your wedding bands. Custom wedding bands can take up to a couple of months to create, so keep that in mind during the wedding timeline.

What about sizing?

Aside from customization, sizing is another factor that can contribute to the amount of time it takes for you to take home your ring. Since the wedding band will be worn throughout many different seasons of your life when your fingers can change in size, you need to have your sizing done by a professional jeweler.

When is the best time to purchase our wedding bands?

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