Which Blue is for You?

When you’re planning a wedding, it’s hard not to think about how you’re going to find your “something blue.” Do you wear blue shoes, have a blue manicure, or include blue flowers in your bouquet? The possibilities are endless when you consider wearing blue in your jewelry. These are our ideas for the most stylish use of blue in wedding jewelry.

Right Hand Ring

If you want to add blue to your wedding jewelry, but don’t want the permanence of a blue stone on the engagement ring or wedding band, you can wear a blue ring on your right hand. Sapphires are classy and beautiful both on their own and with diamonds. Wearing a ring with a blue stone, whether that be an aquamarine or sapphire, is the perfect way to add sparkle to your “something blue.”


For the more creative and modern woman, consider using your “something blue” in your earrings! You can either wear studs or hanging earrings that incorporate blue in the gemstones. Since there are so many shades of blue, ranging from sapphire to aquamarine and blue topaz that can fit any budget, you can incorporate the color into any wedding theme.


One of the most classic ways to use your jewelry as a “something blue” is to wear a blue pendant. The wide variety of blues allow you to use any metal finish in the chain. Necklaces can be so diverse and range from minimalistic to intricate, depending on your personal style and wedding dress design.  We love the idea of adding a small sapphire to a necklace for a minimalistic style.

Wedding Band

If blue has significant value to you or your partner, adding sapphires into your wedding band is a beautiful way to incorporate this tradition into your everyday life.  Sapphires are a great choice for a ring due to their durability, and diamonds and sapphires complement each other very well.  There are many ways to create a wedding band that is handcrafted to fit your love story.

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