Conflict-Free Diamonds

At M.R.T. Jewelers we are passionate about diamonds, Not all Diamonds. We are proud to state that we source the most beautiful and rare, but most importantly Conflict Free diamonds. By adhering to the Kimberly Process (KPCS), established in 2002, you can be assured that no M.R.T. diamond was derived from diamond rough used to fund any rebel movements or their allies in financing armed conflicts aimed at undermining legitimate governments.

Under the terms of the KPCS, participating states must meet 'minimum requirements' and must put in place national legislation and institutions; export, import, and internal controls; and also commit to transparency and the exchange of statistical data. Participants can only legally trade with other participants who have also met the minimum requirements of the scheme, and international shipments of rough diamonds must be accompanied by a KP certificate guaranteeing that they are conflict-free.

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